Visit Lake Powell

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Warm blue and clean fresh water, a beautiful climate, exciting visitors, wonderful red rock sculptures, and the beautiful blue skies that complement the waters. Lake Powell is just what anyone with an appetite for swimming and recreation in fresh water yearns for. Lake Powell is an embodiment of all of these features and more. Doubling as a reservoir and recreational ground, Lake Powell also dangles between the borders of Utah and Arizona; though Glen Canyon National Recreational Area which harbors Powell Lake is based in and has most of its parts in Utah, this 161,390 acre water mass that makes up about 13 percent of the Glen National Recreational Area has most of its clear blue shiny waters in Utah, though the dam is stationed in Arizona.

Lake powell

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

Powell Lake is about 186 miles long and has beautiful sand beaches surrounding it to the tone of about 1,960 miles in length, which is longer than the west coast of the United State’s, and also a lot of recreational playground for the thousands who visit this reservoir.

Lake Powell is also home to about 96 grand canyons that can be explored. Most of these canyons are not accessible by land, so you would need a boat or other water vessel to reach them. Never mind, if you do not have a boat and still want to enjoy the beautiful sites and adventure into these inside water canyons; there are a several commercial agencies around that would be more than glad to let you use their boats and other water vessels, no matter your level of experience in their use. This is a great way to gain experience in boating, as you would be taught all the basic controls you need to know, during the time when you take charge as captain of the boat. Boats may be rented at Page from a variety of commercial agencies, or at any of the four marinas around the reservoir.

If you do not wish to get behind the wheel our would rather be pampered to an exciting tour of the river by the experienced touch of a skilled captain, then all you have to do is sign-up for a luxury guided tour and wait to be spoiled by the experienced boat staff with a dinner cruise trip. It is also possible to enjoy an exciting sky view of the beautiful Powell Lake. Do not hesitate to get onboard a plane or helicopter to catch the amazing scenario of the beautiful blue water Powell Lake and its surroundings in its entirety.

Do you enjoy warm water swimming? If yes, then you would definitely have a great time at Lake Powell. The warm desert climate which engulfs Lake Powell keeps this beautiful water body ever warm from June till October when the colder seasons come. The clear nature of the lake with its sparkling blue color makes it extremely safe for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and water skiing. The surrounding sand beaches also provide an exciting ground for other land recreational and sporting activities.

The beautiful scenario would compel you to take memorable photos throughout your stay at Lake Powell, so do not forget to come along with your camera and be prepared to catch some of the most memorable moments of your life.

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