January 27, 2017

Know adventurous Southern Utah Tour

This 7 day adventure across the breathtaking Utah landscape presents an opportunity for cyclists to tour Southern Utah. The ride cover some major attractions including Cedar Breaks Monuments, the Grand Staircase, Zion National Park, popular Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park, Capital Reef National Park, and many other attractions. The Southern Utah Tour attracts many cyclists but only a minimum of 10 riders and maximum 30 riders is allowed. 10 riders must be registered 8 weeks prior to the event which normally takes place Sept 7th to 13th Sept 2015.

Utah Bicycle Tour Day 4
Photo Credit: PRODoug Goodenough on flickr

About the Tour

Southern Utah Tour targets cycling enthusiasts on vacation and is not a training camp. Most of the routes covered are short but strenuous in nature. They involve some long climbs as well as regular crossing. It is advisable that you do your own training 6 months before the tour. This should include a couple of doubles/centuries in addition to a couple of 200 and more mile practice weeks.

Terms and Package in Place

$1299 is required as entry fee that caters for the 7-day ride, 8 days hotel accommodation, snacks and lunch provided by support vehicles en route, and gear transport. The rooms provided are for two people and at times breakfast is available. For those seeking single rooms an extra $400 is charged. Those who sign up early enjoy discounted rates since by 14th July entry prices increases by $100. Other discounts are offered for early bookings. There is usually no breakfast and dinner since people have different preferences after a tiring day. Some even skip breakfast.

Planet Ultra facilitates the Southern Utah Tour and has put in place clear guidelines on booking and cancellations. Cancellation is made only if the minimum of 10 is not achieved by 30th June. A low gear of preferably 39 x 27 is preferred for most of the routes. However, a triple crank or 39 x 29 or 32 will be more effective for maneuvering some of the climbs. Carry along with you some hardy set of wheels since no repairs are available at the final part of the tour.

Order of Events

1. Rider checks in-all meet at Abbey Inn in St. George on Sunday evening. Cyclists check in at 7.30 pm to 8pm and a meeting is arranged to discuss details and address any concerns. Breakfast begins next day at 7am and riders should be ready by 8.30am since the tour takes off between 8am to 9am. Abbey Inn is situated 1129 s of Bluff Street. Those using flights can access shuttle services from Las Vegas International Airport 90 minutes south. No reservation is required for both before and after the tour.

2. Day 1-St. George through Zion National Park to Mt. Carmel. A distance of about 80 miles is covered and more than 5300’ of elevation is gained. Riders break at Zion where they can deep their feet in the cool river.

3. Day 2-Mt. Carmel to Bryce National Park. Later in the afternoon a ride to Rainbow Point. 60 miles is covered and 3700’ elevation is gained. The afternoon ride takes 38 miles and 2900’ of gain. You can enjoy short, long, easy or hard hikes on this day.

4. Day 3-ride to Escalante from Bryce national Park. You can hike or ride to the park on this day before embarking on the shorter ride to Escalante before noon. It is 48 miles from the park.

5. Day 4-best and hardest day of the tour. A ride through the amazing Capital Reef Drive. It takes about 66 miles and more than 6100’ elevation gain. The rest of the ride is approximately 36 miles and a gain of 2500’ elevation is achieved.

6. Day5-Torrey-Panguitch ride which is mostly flat and may be super windy. It is prudent to ride with another person on this route. In takes about 106 miles and a gain of elevation of 3400’ is attained. Of the 106 miles covered 27 miles mainly involves climbing.

7. Day 6-Panguitch-Brian Head-Cedar Breaks-Cedar City ride. The route marks the highest point of the tour a gain of about 10500’ elevation. The 57 mile ride will leave you short of breathe but the breathtaking scenery will intrigue you.

8. Day 7-Cedar City to St. George-this day marks the last day of the tour. You will cover 83 miles and attain 2500’ gain in elevation. It is time to take a big sigh and recapture the memories of the routes covered.

Southern Utah Tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite hobby (cycling) and you do this with a group of people that share a common interest. You will enjoy maneuvering every corner and the beautiful sceneries that unfold with every climb are awesome. The ride may be long but the adventure that comes with it makes the ride too short.

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March 14, 2010

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is only two and one-half hour drive from St. George, Utah. The Park includes some of Earth’s most colorful rocks, which have been sculpted by erosion into pillars called “hoodoos,” and other fantastic forms. Iron oxides give red, yellow, and brown tints to the limestone, while maganese oxides lend a lavender hue. Elevations in the park range from 6,600 ft. at the bottom of the canyon to 9,120 ft. at the Rainbow Point. Bryce Canyon is open all year – so make your reservations at the Best Western Travel Inn St. George on your way to visit this beautiful National Park. http://www.nps.gov/brca for information on their winter festival visit http://rubysinn.com/blog/main/bryce-canyon-winter-festival/

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