February 22, 2012

St George Airport

With the dawning of a new airport, the City is also bringing on a new airport manager. Rich Stehmeier will fill a vacancy created by the departure of former Airport Manager, Rick Crosman who elected to pursue a private consulting business.

Rich has been managing the Logan-Cache Airport for the past six years. “With our new airport in operation we are now positioned to pursue new opportunities,” observed Larry Bulloch, Public Works Director. “Rich has the background and ability to take us to the next level.” Rich comes to the City with a degree in business and marketing. That, coupled with his experience in aviation management, makes him a perfect fit to provide the leadership the City is looking for to achieve its economic development goals at the airport. “We get a lot of inquiries from the public about expansion of scheduled passenger air service at the new airport,” said Gary Esplin, City Manager. “Rich will be a great asset in pursuing those efforts as well as attracting aviation-related businesses to the airport,” he added.

The City has already engaged in a number of negotiations with businesses that the old airport simply could not accommodate due to site constraints. The new 1203 acre site opens up many opportunities, such as charter tours, manufacturing, storage and other aviation support services. “Our investment in the new airport has positioned us to service up to 737-sized aircraft. We’ve already had several aircraft that size fly in for events like the recent deployment of the 222nd troops to Afghanistan,” said Mayor McArthur.

Rich’s breadth of experience will be an asset in the City’s pursuit of its goals for the airport. He spent six years in the private sector managing a construction business and a total of 16 years as a pilot. He served on the Provo, Utah Airport Board prior to taking the position with Logan-Cache as their first full time Airport Manager. His most notable achievement at Logan-Cache was to bring the airport from a general aviation status to a fully certified airport for commercial passenger service.

Public relations will be Rich’s first order of business at the new airport. “At Logan-Cache Airport, I spent a year meeting with every airport user on the airfield,” Rich noted, “I put a lot of effort into building positive working relationships.” Rich will take a forward-thinking approach to managing the new airport. “I want to spend some time with the City Manager, Mayor and City Council to make sure that I understand their vision for the future at the new airport. The new airport has great potential and I am excited about being a part of the airport development program.”

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